Certificate of Small Animal Veterinary Practice

Admission and Fees

Who can register?

Candidates must hold a recognized veterinary degree from a University or equivalent institution of higher learning. Institutions that are listed in the “anabin” data base and received an H+ mark are accepted.
Candidates holding a veterinary degree of an EAEVE/AVMA/AVBC accredited veterinary schools may enter the program immediately after graduation. Other candidates are required to have at least one year of professional experience in small animal veterinary medicine prior to entering the program.
Candidates must provide proof that for the whole duration of the Certificate program they are working full or part (minmum 20h/week) time in a veterinary practice or clinic with a case load of at least 1000 diseased small animals (500 per clinician) per year and adequate facilities for examination, surgery, diagnostic imaging and hospitalisation: Clinic Requirements

Candidates must be able to write the exams and the case logs in english.

What does the Program cost?

The fees comprise of a one-time application fee, a bi-annual registration fee, course tuition fees, examination fees and a bi-annual evaluation fee:

  • Application fee: 60 € (to be paid upon sending your application documents – this fee is non-refundable, independent of whether you enrolled in the program or not)
  • Registration fee per semester : 250 € (covers the administrative costs and University enrollment fees)
  • Tuition fees: fees for the courses in the chosen discipline – please refer to the overview of the ESAVS Courses in Europe or Asia
  • Course examination fees: 5-day course = 160 € / 10-day-course  = 320 €
  • Fee for the evaluation of the case log: 150 €
  • Re-submission fees: in case of a failed case log, an additional fee of 150 € will be incurred
  • A penalty for unauthorized program interruption is incurred upon re-enrolment after an unauthorized interruption in study time (skipped semester/s) due to missed/late payments or missing documents, to cover the additional administrative work.


The Certificate Programs are organized by the ESAVS Europe Office.

Payment shall be made by bank transfer to:

Dexia Banque Internationale à Luxembourg
69, route d‘Esch
L-2953 Luxembourg
IBAN: LU21 0021 7101 3189 6800

(No additional bank charges will be accepted by the ESAVS)

Application Period

Summer Semester 2020:
1 October – 31 October 2019