ESAVS provides state of the art internationally recognized training for veterinarians in a wide range of disciplines.

Courses include lectures, discussions, demonstrations, case presentations and laboratory work. Daily tuition includes new scientific information and practical exercises in small groups.
Each course is supervised by course masters (tutors) who are experienced experts of high repute.
The teaching language is English.
Courses in China are held with consecutive translation to Chinese.


All study programs consist of a consecutive series of courses in a specific discipline of your choice, complemented with distance learning in between courses. In some disciplines, completing a study program with some additional coursework, successfully passing the respective examinations, and keeping a case log will allow you to obtain a certificate consistent with rules and regulations as applied by the University of Luxemburg and/or approved by FEDE.


IEVS (the International E-Learning Veterinary School) is a project of ESAVS Office for Asia. IEVS online learning focuses on topics, case reports and specific examination/treatment modes within a discipline.

  • Online Study Programs
  • Webinar Series
  • Short Cases
  • IEVS Certificate of Knowledge


Upcoming Courses in Asia

ESAVS Study Programs in Asia

ESAVS study programs present comprehensive in depth coverage of a given discipline in a consecutive series of two to five 1-week ESAVS Asia courses and distance learning in between these courses. Generally, each course is offered once a year, but it may be possible to take 2 or even more consecutive courses of a program within the same year.

Study Programs may be used to obtain a Certificate or a Master Degree issued by the University of Luxemburg and/or FEDE.

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3 courses of 5-7 days duration each


5 courses of 5 days duration each


5 courses of 5 days duration each


6 courses of 5 days duration each

Diagnostic Imaging

3 courses of 5 days duration each

Exotic Pets

3 courses of 5 days duration each

Feline Medicine

8 courses of 5 days duration each

Internal Medicine

7 courses of 5 days duration each


5 courses of 5 days duration each


5 courses of 5 days duration each


4 courses of 5 days duration each

About ESAVS:
Targeting Excellence in Postgraduate Clinical Education

Origins and Aims

The ESAVS was founded in 1991 by three veterinarians, one from academia and two from small animal practice. The basis of its foundation was the belief that any veterinarian, regardless of their income, country of residence or the veterinary school they attended, could attain first rate professional competence and success according to ability or achievement with the support of state-of-the-art training at an international postgraduate veterinary school designed to enable upward professional development for all.

The ESAVS of today demonstrates that this ambitious aim has been amply realised. ESAVS stands as a broadly-based, international, non-profit organisation, which is quite different from the commercial CE providers which have emerged in recent years. ESAVS has succeeded in coupling the desire for self-improvement and the thirst for knowledge amongst veterinarians in a way that can be likened to the "the charm of anticipated success”, as presented by Alexis de Tocqueville (The American Dream), which spurs students towards professional excellence. This philosophy and the outstanding teaching quality of the ESAVS have drawn over ten thousand veterinarians from all over the world to the study programmes and courses of the ESAVS.

ESAVS is affiliated with the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine at the University of Luxembourg and a member of FEDE (an international association of ca. 500 private schools of higher education, which holds participatory status in the council of the European Union). The ESAVS has an outstanding faculty with over 400 veterinary lecturers from over 20 countries. All are certified specialists with excellent didactic skills.

ESAVS offers continuing education based on residential courses in various European locations and distance learning. The ESAVS is a leading international continuing education organization in clinical veterinary medicine for companion animals. It has over 30 years of experience. More than 650 residential courses in 21 clinical disciplines have been organized for over 15.000 participants from 51 countries. ESAVS courses and study programs inspired many to continue their professional development becoming diplomates of European and American specialist colleges and lecturers at universities.



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