Häbich, Annett-Carolin Dr.


Vienna, Austria

Dr. Annett-Carolin Häbich studied veterinary medicine at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation, Germany, and earned her DVM degree specializing in Lorikeet nutrition. Her devotion to avian health led her to the Canary Islands, where she served as a Staff Veterinarian at the esteemed Loro Parque Foundation from 2005 to 2006.

Upon returning to Hannover, she pursued further specialization in animal nutrition and helped organize the 2nd Pet Bird Symposium on Avian Nutrition. However, driven by her enduring love for birds, she returned to the clinical field and worked for 5 years at Vetmeduni Vienna, where Dr. Häbich's expertise flourished, focusing on both pet and wild birds.

Seven years ago, she decided to establish her own private practice, which now welcomes exotic pets with a strong emphasis on avian medicine. Weekly, she dedicates her expertise to an average of 50 avian patients, providing meticulous care and attention to them. Additionally, she takes medical care for several avian flocks. Her main interest lies in an holistic approach to Avian Medicine, aiming to ensure that healthy birds are kept under appropriate conditions. Dr. Häbich hopes to set a high standard in the field through exceptional care and passion for avian well-being.

Beyond her practice, Dr. Häbich believes that "sharing is caring" and thus generously shares her accumulated knowledge on Avian Medicine not only through lectures for various institutions and societies but also by welcoming incoming students.

Notably, she nurtures two cherished umbrella cockatoos at home with the affectionate touch of a loving mom.



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