Individual Courses and Comprehensive Study Program

The ESAVS Asia Soft Tissue Surgery courses are dedicated to veterinarians in practice or in the academic field who are willing to deepen their knowledge in soft tissue surgery. The comprehensive study program consists currently of 4 one-week modules. Each course is composed of a mix of theory and practice on models and cadavers. Much time is dedicated to interactive and practical training under the supervision of course masters and instructors, who are all internationally, recognized European or American specialists.


Soft Tissue Surgery I
This course focuses on the basic principles of surgery, tissue handling, knotting techniques and general abdominal and gastro-intestinal surgery.
Learning Outcomes: At the end of the course, participants 1) shall be able to apply atraumatic surgery principles on all occasions, 2) master current abdominal surgeries principles and techniques, 3) have changed paradigm, not trying anymore to know “how” but “why”.

Soft Tissue Surgery II
This module focuses on two important topics of soft tissue surgery: On one hand the skin reconstruction techniques, and on the other one surgery of the perineal and anal region.
Learning Outcomes: At the end of the course, participants 1) shall possess the current knowledge about principles of wound care, 2) master most of the skin reconstruction techniques, 3) have a sound anatomical knowledge of perineal and perianal region, 4) master surgical techniques as anal sac removal, perineal hernia repair and rectal surgery.

Soft Tissue Surgery III
During this course, we will concentrate on more advanced abdominal surgeries. After reviewing the indications and techniques for current urinary tract surgery, we will address the surgical treatments of urinary incontinence and urinary tract trauma. The second part of the course will focus on liver and gallbladder surgery as well as on pancreas and adrenals.
Learning Outcomes: At the end of the course, participants 1) shall master most of the urinary tract surgical techniques; 2) get a sound knowledge of management of urinary incontinence; 3) have acquired a good understanding of liver surgery including porto-systemic shunt; 4) be able to operate or refer advanced pancreas or adrenal surgeries.

Soft Tissue Surgery IV
This course is dedicated exclusively to head and neck surgery. A strong focus will be put on upper airways and ear surgeries. However, topics as salivary mucoceles, thyroid and parathyroid diseases and surgeries will also be covered.
Learning Outcomes: At the end of the course, participants 1) shall have acquired a profound knowledge of upper airways anatomy and its relevance for treatment of diseases like Brachycephalic syndrome, laryngeal paralysis and tracheal collapse; 2) shall master a clear decision-making process for ear surgeries; 3) shall be able to perform external ear surgeries and to operate or refer middle-ear ones; 4) have become confident in treating salivary mucoceles and surgical diseases of thyroid and parathyroid.

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