Certificate of Small Animal Veterinary Practice (CSAVP)

The Certificate of Small Animal Veterinary Practice is based on the well known ESAVS residential courses in the discipline of your choice, examinations of these courses and keeping a case log which promotes application of newly learned methods and skills in daily practice at home and throughout the whole program. The duration of the program is two years minimum and five years maximum. The Certificate Program is organized by the ESAVS Europe Office (www.esavs.eu).

The Certificate of Small Animal Veterinary Practice testifies that you have obtained an intermediary level of theoretical and clinical competence (as defined by the leading European veterinary organizations) in a chosen discipline.

The Certificate Program is offered in the following disciplines:

The Intermediary Level

As a result of the increasing demand for high-quality health care, small animal veterinarians are focusing their activity more and more on specific aspects of veterinary medicine. Currently, the highest clinical qualifications in veterinary specialization are the diplomas issued by the European specialist colleges under the umbrella of the European Board of Veterinary Specialization (EBVS), delivering the title of “Board-certified in …”. Recently, however, the leading professional veterinary organizations (FVE, EBVS, EAEVE, UEVP) did adopt the concept of Europe wide accreditation of an intermediate level of competence.

CSAVP – a recognition for your efforts

Based on its experience in structured training for small animal veterinarians, and consistent with the enormous demand fostered by the recent recognition of an intermediate level, the ESAVS offers Certificates in Veterinary Practice. Examinations and evaluation of written work are conducted consistent with rules and regulations as applied ESAVS and approved by FEDE.

The ESAVS Courses

Since 1992, the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS) has been providing training courses to veterinarians wishing to upgrade their knowledge in small animal medicine. So far, more than 500 courses in 21 clinical disciplines, with over 10.000 participants from 51 countries have been held. The ESAVS courses are taught by internationally reputed course masters, Diplomates of the European or American Colleges in their specific disciplines. Thanks to the program design, the dedication of course masters and the office organisation, ESAVS has acquired a worldwide recognition for high quality post-graduate education in veterinary medicine.

CSAVP Objectives

  • To train veterinarians to attain an intermediate level of competence in specific disciplines
  • To promote a systematic problem-solving approach in the clinic
  • To promote the concept of evidence-based medicine in daily practice
  • To promote optimal interaction with the EBVS specialists
  • To promote continuous life-long professional development in the field of small animal veterinary medicine