Cooperation with the China Agricultural University Teaching Hospital (CAUVTH)

The China Agricultural University Veterinary Teaching Hospital (CAUVTH,, Beijing, China) and the ESAVS cooperate since 2016 in an ongoing special educational project which is called “CORNERSTONE BEIJING”.

The name “Cornerstone” symbolizes the special type of collaboration on which this project is based. For the improvement of the management according to international standards several departments of the CAUVTH welcome the support by experts selected by ESAVS, in total four times per year on 5 consecutive days.

Support by ESAVS experts is provided for the following departments:

A) Diagnostic Imaging - Prof. Eberhard Ludewig / Dr. Penelope Baloi
B) Clinical Laboratory - Dr. Elisabeth Müller / Dr. Corinna N. Weber
C) Surgery - Prof. Gilles Dupre / Dr. Nikola Katic
D) In-Patient - Dr. Tobias Grave
E) Anaesthesiology - Prof. Bernd Driessen / Dr. Chiara Adami
F) Oncology - Dr. Jarno Schmidt / Dr. Nikola Katic ( for the surgery part )
G) Dentistry - Dr. Hanne Ellen Kortegaard

Additional collaboration programs for the cardiology and ophthalmology departments of the CAUVTH are presently in preparation.